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Terrierbot One

An application for PiWars 2018 ended up with a standby competitor position being suddenly upgraded to competitor.
Luckily Terrierbot was under active development.

Terrierbot - an overview


Terrierbot was based on a rover 5 robot chassis. This was a simple tracked vehicle with built in encoders.

Controlled by a Raspberry Pi Zero which was accessed remotely over a ssh connection and also via a basic arduino based Bluetooth remote control.


A 4tronix PiCon Zero provided control of the rover motors.


PiWars Performance

PiWars came around quite quickly and after a drive down to Cambridge it was time to compete on the day. Ultimately on the day Terrierbot ranked at the lower end of the intermediate competitor class but it was a fun experience.

What went well?

Terrierbot performed better than expected. The bot behaved itself and performed admirably.
The only challenge that was not attempted was the 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' due to time constraints.

What did not go well?

Speed...whilst Terrierbot had decent motors its top speed was not very fast when compared to some of the other competitors. This was apparent during the first challenge, round one of PiNoon, when the opponent was smaller, faster and able to turn in a smaller circle knocking Terrierbot out of the challenge.

Also part of the obstacle course was covered in pebbles and screwed up paper. Having tracks helped with the pebbles but due to the width of the base and the clearance between the ground and chassis resulted in Terrierbot ingloriously getting stuck on a screwed bit of paper.


Code for terrierbot one can be found at https://github.com/heeed/terrierbot

Terrierbot One
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