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Surface Mounted What??

So...having decided to run with the compute module, one question is how to power the module safely without the magic blue smoke appearing.

This will be covered in a separate post but one thing that has become apparent is that it's probably going to involve some SMD components. Surface Mount Devices are those tiny components you look at when you strip something down to have a nosey about whats inside and wonder how they got soldered.

Normally this is handled by big automatic machines that literally shoot the components onto the board and big ovens that melt it all together.

This can be seen in this video showing how the Raspberry Pi is manufactured in Wales: Raspberry Pi Creation

Unfortunately I'm unable, due to size reasons, to squeeze such a setup into my one room workshop.

However there is a handy guide on instructables on how to work around this problem and gain a sound footing in the mystical art of SMD based PCB creation.

It can be found here: SMD Magic

Surface Mounted What??
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