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New Year update

With just under 90 days to go until PiWars it's time to start getting ready.

Currently TB2 is built upon an Pimoroni STS-Pi chassis with a Pi 3B as the controller. This configuration is mainly to investigate various sensor options whilst the design for the compute module based hardware is developed.

So what sensors are being looked at the moment?

The first sensor being implemented is the VL53L1Xtime of flight based sensor. This little board provides a distance reading by bouncing a laser on a point of interest and timing how long it takes to complete it's journey. This will primarily be used to allow TB2 to detect whats in front of it and, hopefully, avoid it.


The second sensor is the GY-BNO055 Attitude Sensor 9DOF 9-Axes Gyroscope Module which will be used by TB2 to keep track of orientation changes as it moves around.


New Year update
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